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by DJ El Gato Suave (yours truly)

The stream is organized into a three hour virtual milonga, with a heavy emphasis on Nuevo and Alternative Tango music. I will try to post a new milonga every few weeks or so. Or sometimes I will play all the previous Bailonga Streams.

Please share this link with your tango friends and family, and post it in your local tango forums/lists. I'd like to build the station and make it a real resource for people seeking alternatives/supplements to the wonderful traditional tango music of our ancestors. I believe that for tango to survive and flourish, it must live in the present day, connected to our own histories and cultures, while building on the roots of tradition.

I'm very much interested in feedback on the music played, the format, or just on alternative tango music in general. I'm especially interested in your suggestions for good, danceable alternative/nuevo tango songs.

If you would like to be on to my email list to receive updates and new stream notifications, just send me an email an I will add you. I promise not to send out more then one email a month!

** Please do not record these streams, as I am operating with very limited bandwith, and taking it up for recording isn't fair to other listeners. (And the quality level is not that great anyway, I have it set at 56Kbps/22Khz.

Cheers ~Demetrius

Archive of Playlists Here

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