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In my photography I try to capture the natural expression inherent in my subject. I enjoy exploring new techniques and methods, and thrive in new environments which require a creative and spontaneous attitude. I hope my work conveys beauty as well, as this is my ultimate goal: to inspire others to feel even a little bit more alive from looking at my work.

Many people comment on the great variety in my work. This is a result, I believe, of my conscious effort to bring as little preconception to each photograph as possible. True, sometimes realizing a vision works, but more often then not my 'ideas' are poor, and my panic to improvise is where the good stuff happens. I hope you enjoy my work, and in any event, I'd love to have your constructive feedback, please use the Contact page.

I shoot with a Canon 5D (digital), a Yashica D (medium format film), and a OmegaView view camera(large format film), a Canon Rebel G (35mm film), and my iPhone (lo-res digital).

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