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Sunrise Ridge - Main House

The courtyard at night.

I started work on this house while employed with PatternLanguage.com, under the direction of Christopher Alexander - noted author of A Pattern Language, The Timeless Way of Building, and most recently, of The Nature of Order. When he was unable to continue work on the project, I was fortunate enough to be asked to continue as the designer, and completed the project.

The house was built by Leff Construction, Sebastopol, CA.

Cast concrete countertops, featuring inlayed mother-of-pearl "flowers". Made by Bohemian Stoneworks.
Iron and glass gate. I made the tiles, and the entire gate was made by the talented Dino at Iron Gates.

Here are a couple of my development sketches, made at 1/2 full scale on a wall.

Master Bathroom shower with handmade tiles.
Sunrise Ridge shows where it's name came from. Note the ridge tiles of stylized ceramic fish, which I made with my father
Koti's shower, featuring imported German tiles.
The path from the back door, framed by orange trees and lavendar. We originally had thought a trellis might define this path, but with my clients interest in growing food, I thought an allé of orange trees would work well.
The house viewed from a nearby willow tree.
Stair banister, made from salvaged Sasoiyra wood, by George Magan, Stair Builders.
The loggia, here being used in summer as an outdoor Living Room. This space is the in-between zone, bridging the Great Room and the Courtyard proper.
The Guest Bathroom, featuring mostly handmade tiles, some manufactured field tiles.
The Gathering Room. The windows at right look out into the Courtyard.
The West side of the house, with the Office wing meeting the main volume. The Office wing has redwood siding that I recycled from a friend's house nearby.
Entry Foyer with vaulted ceiling and skylit, colored glass occulus, stained concrete floors with handmade tiles. The french doors lead out to the courtyard, while the arched doorway leads to the Great Room.
Don Felkins, center, was the job superintendent for the house. Here we are in front of the Gathering room wing, playing bacchi ball at the completion party.
The Master Bedroom, featuring wood flooring recycled from local chicken coops, peach colored milk paint, and doors leading out to the covered balcony.
The house viewed from the entry drive, with the Gathering Room at left.
The Courtyard with Office wing at left. Showing the concrete columns, wooden trellis and partially covered balcony. The roof tiles are concrete.
The South-West side of the house, with the Office wing at right
The vaulted dining room, with the Living Room in the background. The Kitchen is to the right.

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