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Sketches, Drawings, Paintings

A carpet design I started while studying at VITA (Visual, Islamic, and Tradiaional Arts), then part of the Prince of Wales' Institute. Here I added some text to make it birthday card.
Small watercolor painting, made at dawn in Rome, 1990.
Watercolor rendering of traditional Islamic Courtyard project, designed while studying with VITA (Visual, Islamic, and Tradiaional Arts) in London, 1998.
Quick watercolor sketch of McGinnis Residence kitchen idea.
Watercolor painting of Mt. St. Michel, France, 1998.
Pencil sketches of Brion Family Tomb, by architect Carlos Scarpa, Italy, 1990.
The path from the back door, framed by orange trees and lavendar. We originally had thought a trellis might define this path, but with my clients interest in growing food, I thought an allé of orange trees would work well.
Watercolor painting of Kahn al Frange, Sidon, Lebanon, 1997.
Quick diagrammatic sketches of Islamic Courtyard project.
Watercolor painting of Sokulla Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, 1998.

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