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McGinnis Residence - Santa Rosa, CA,

I designed this house remodel/addition for Michael and Becky, and their two children Sam and Laura. Due to a large house along the South property line, their parcel of land has very limited sun access on that side, so I incorporated a large central Light Well, pictured here.
As local codes for the Historic District required, the front of the house did not change much at all. The original house was built in 1906, and sits in a flood plain in an old Italian neighborhood west of downtown Santa Rosa.
The north side of the house during construction, showing the extent of the work: the original 1906 house is at left with original siding intact, the new portions, including a rebuilt roof, have raw plywood sheathing showing.
The original rear of the house, pictured here, was not much more then a shack and was completely removed. (Much of the old redwood sheathing from the house was used on another of my projects, the Sunrise Ridge Main House Office wing, as siding).

Here you can see the large, rather rude, house along the South property line.

Looking back toward the Farmhouse Kitchen, with the Light Well above. In addition to providing much needed natural light, the Light Well also serves to connect the house socially, allowing the family to open interior windows as they see fit, thereby allowing a feeling of connection throughout the house.

Although the family had moved into the house, construction was still underway!

Looking from the Parlour (in the original portion of the house) up through the light well, and down, into the Farmhouse Kitchen
The rear of the house, which steps down to meet the backyard, the main exterior social space. The beloved pear tree at right was carefully preserved: the house steps around it, but one can reach the fruit from the balcony.
From the stairs, looking into the Farmhouse Kitchen.
Sam, sitting at the table in the Farmhouse Kitchen.
Laura's bedroom, with the beloved pear tree just outside the window.
Windows in the bay of the art studio. My client Micahel, made all the beautiful windows and doors for the house, out of "iron wood".
Michael working on the Light Well windows in the Art Studio.
Ground Floor Plan.
Upper Floor Plan
Card study model, the central Light Well is marked by the arrow.
Cross Section therough the Light Well.
Northeast Elevation
The dynamic duo that bult much of the house, James and Michael
Michael and Becky work on the concrete slab of the foundation of their house.
Pouring the concrete foundation of the house.

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