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Katul Residence - Eugene, Oregon, 1993

Looking from South-East. Bedroom suite in foreground left. The clients requested that the all the primary spaces of the house be on the same level, with NO steps what-so-ever. On a site that slopes considerably, this made connecting the interior of the house with the land more difficult because rooms could not step down to meet the earth where necessary. Our solution called for an elongated, 'wrinkled' plan and dynamic roofscape which allowed more connections to earth and sky.

I worked as the project manager on this house while with James Givens Design. It was built in 1992-3 by Tim Nolte.

The 'front", which faces east and the street. Landscaping by Tobias Barwood, with whom I built the fountain. What might appear to be second story windows are in fact clerestory windows.
Great Room looking West. Kitchen at left, doors to Sunroom at right, Dining center.
Kitchen looking West. A semi-enclosed space within the Great room.
Fireplace Alcove in Great Room. Copper hood, Arched concrete lintel cast in place.
Leaded glass window which I made. It is about 24" square and located above the pantry on the west wall, obliquely visible from the Great Room through the interior clerestory windows.
Arched opening looking into Guest Alcove from Gail's Studio.
Small tile pattern below Guest Alcove arch.
Bedroom Suite Shower.
Bedroom Suite Tub with tile, wood lintel and lighting fixture by Rejuvenation Reproductions.
Cross Section through Great Room and aisle rooms.
Long Section through Great Room and Studio
Floor Plan: This is actually an earlier version of the plan before it was trimmed to fit the budget. I feel the house was actually improved by this trimming.

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