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Various Craft Projects

A coffee table I built with mahogany wood. My first attempt at finger jointed corners. 2007.
Etched drinking glass c. 1995
A leaded glass window I made for a house in San Francisco aprox. 3 feet wide x 6 feet tall. A detailed description of the design process can be seen in my thesis (see Oval Leaded Glass Window, in Part II: Case Studies)
A tile I made, replicated into a pattern.
A tile I made, replicated into a pattern.
A ceramic fish, made to sit on the ridge of the Sunrise RIdge house. You can just see them in this photo.
The ceramic fish in production. We made around 50 of them.
My father Michael, working on the ceramic fish.
A grape arbor I designed and built on the backside of the Sunrise Ridge house.
Ceramic tiles I designed and made for the gate at Sunrise Ridge. You can see them in situ on the Sunrise Ridge page of my Portfolio.
I very much enjoy making things with my own hands, and I feel doing this has been essential in learning about how things get built - the tectonics of architecture.

Here I am working on the terrazzo floor of the Givens Kitchen Nook. I'm filling the thin lines of the pattern with the green mix (cement, marble chips, pigment, mother-of-pearl chips). The finished floor may be seen on this page.

Here is the Givens terrazzo floor, in process. We are using a large grinding machine to reveal the aggregate of the terrazzo. The finished floor may be seen on this page.
Tiles I made for the master bathroom at Sunrise Ridge.
Patio Bench and Planter I designed and built while working for Christopher Alexander. Woodwork was by Michael ___, I built the bench with Derek Paproki, and Michael Gonzalez. The floor tiles were existing from an old Christopher Alexander/C.E.S. project.
Patio trellis I built with my father Michael Gonzalez, out of local redwood.
Tile and wood trivet - the first tiles I ever made.
Terrazzo chessboard, 2004, made of black and white cement mixtures, with leaf imprint.

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