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Residential Projects:
  • Bell Residence, Springfield, Oregon, 2006-7
  • Givens Kitchen Nook and Remodel, Eugene, Oregon, 2007-8
  • Sunrise Ridge Main House, Occidental California, 2001-2006
  • Sunrise Ridge Guesthouse, 2002
  • McGinnis Remodel/Addition, Santa Rosa, CA, 2001
  • Carpenter-Fulwiler Addition/Remodel, 2002
  • Brennan Patio, Cloverdale, CA, 2000
  • Katul Residence, Eugene OR, 1994
  • Catholic Retreat and Housing, Claremont, California
  • Elms/Giudici Residence
  • Casa Jabali

  • Civic and Urban Planning Projects:
  • Athens, Greece Opera Complex
  • Islamic Courtyard Design
  • The West End Downtown Mixed Use Development, Eugene, Oregon
  • Millenium Project, Strurton-by-Stow, Lincolnshire, England
  • Urban Design Task Force, Sidon, Lebanon
  • Urban Design Task Force, Santa Maria in Gradi, Viterbo, Italy
  • Urban Design Task Force, Sala Baganza, Italy

  • Sketches, Paintings and Drawings

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